Monday, January 18, 2010

Since Christmas

With the new year, most people make resolutions based on their experiences over the past year. I think this year we're basing our resolutions on what's happened the last 20 days.

During the days surrounding Christmas and after, we noticed that Evie would get kind of fussy when we'd lift her right arm to dress her, so we kept an eye on it to see if anything was wrong, and we didn't notice any other discomfort. New Year's Eve came around, and Brandon noticed that Evie's forearm had started to swell, so I took her to the Instacare where Brandon's mom works. The doctor looked her over, and decided that we'd get some x-rays to make sure nothing was wrong.

Revelation: Evie had broken both her radius and ulna. How: we have no idea.

After a good look at her x-rays, the doctor wrapper her arm up in a splint, and Evie got to try her first sucker, which she enjoyed a little too much. After the splint set, the doctor told us to go to the ER, as the orthopedic surgeon was there already for another little girl's broken arm.

Brandon and I took Evie to the ER, and were lucky enough to stay there for really no reason for about 3 hours. The ER doctor came and questioned us, as an unknown broken arm for a 15-month old is a bit suspicious. After he questioned us, they had a social worker come in, which was also fun. An hour after that interview, a couple of nurses came in for some more x-rays, and then they left. Half an hour after that, the orthopedic surgeon came in and told us to schedule and appointment the next week so that he could put Evie's arm in a cast. Finally, we left.

The following Tuesday we went in to have Evie's arm cast, but alas, it was not to be. When Evie's arm had been splinted originally, her bones were relatively straight, and there should have been no problem with casting it. However, her bones had moved during the few days in between doctors visits. So, we scheduled a "surgery" for the next day. It wasn't really a surgery, we just had to make another appointment, because they gave Evie and anesthetic while they set her bones and put her in a cast.

Finally, we'd taken care of poor Evie's arm, and we've learned that our little girl is quite the trooper. Here are some pictures of her the last couple of weeks using her arm like nothing's holding her back. On an unrelated note, she's developed quite the dancing style ;-)

This is Evie at Christmas, using her broken right arm.

Still using the broken arm

Here's my little cutie in her splint and sling

The hospital had cute little surgery clothes for her to wear

And this is my baby after the procedure, still heavy on the narcotics :-) I can't remember the last time she slept in my arms. It's been awhile.

One of the people Brandon works with gave him some spicy latino candy, and Evie found the caramel sucker covered in Cayenne Pepper. Not even phased.