Monday, July 6, 2009

Well, since I haven't blogged in about a year, I figured I should probably do an update. Since last July, we had precious baby Evie, who showed up 8 days early on September 23, 2008. We have also relocated twice now, and are living with my parents in the same house I graduated from high school in.

Right now, Brandon and I are both working part time jobs, mine in the morning, and Brandon at night. We've been riding the work train for a while, and trying to figure out what Brandon wants to be when he grows up. No luck yet. Hopefully, if the muse descends, Brandon will be able to get back into school in the fall, and his schedule permitting, I might take a few more classes too, seeing as how I have a scholarship still waiting on me, along with just 38 credits left for a Bachelors.

In the meantime, Evie is now 9 months old, and too mobile for her own good. It's quite the chore keeping up with her, but she's gotten to the age where she is just a peach to be around, aside from the grumpy days of teething. She's very responsive and a lot of fun to watch. I look forward to many days of playing and interacting together as we learn more about each other.

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