Saturday, November 28, 2009

BYU vs. Utah

This is the BYU band before the start of the rivalrous(?) BYU vs. Utah football game. Think we're gonna win? Let's see....

This is my good-lookin' husband before the game. Those presents on the benches are flags that someone left for everyone to wave. Pretty sure we're supposed to distract the opposing team with these. Now how is the question. I'm thinking the best way to do this is to strip down and wear them like a towel. (I'm glad I didn't try to do that before I unwrapped the flag. They were WAY too small for that.)

This is how we felt after BYU finally got on the scoreboard, even if it's just a field goal. (3-6)

This is how we felt after the first quarter. We're happy because BYU's about to score another field goal, to tie the game. (3-6)

This is pictoral evidence of BYU's second field goal, I believe. I think the BYU fans were happy, or something. (6-6)

And this is how we felt.

These are the joyous people in front of us. BYU finally scored a touchdown! (13-9)

And this is how we felt.

This is me not happy with the way things have ended the first half. (13-9)

This is Brandon's concern showing at the end of the second half as well.

These are the happy people in front of us. We scored the first touchdown of the second half. (20-9)

And this is how we felt.

This is us (me) boo-ing at the end of the regulation game. Lame. I hate overtime. (20-20)

This is the field being stormed by BYU fans after the game winning touchdown. Awesome pass from Max Hall to Andrew George in overtime. 26-23; yay Cougars!

And this is how we felt.

The perfect end to a loverly day :-)

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Jen said...

ok, you were like right behind us!!! Too bad we didn't see you!