Friday, March 4, 2011


It occurred to me as I fell asleep last night, that some of the things I said in the previous post may have stuck out more than the point I was trying to make. Here are my clarifications:
  • First, I think a higher education is an admirable thing to work for. It has merits of it's own, regardless of what you use it for. However, I don't think that earning a Bachelor's, or even a Ph.D. should be the peak of anybody's accomplishments in life. What you do with your degree should be more significant than actually earning it.
  • Second, I believe that service to people other than your family is commendable. Like young men and women who serve missions. Kudos to you! I don't think I could have done what you did as well as any and/or each of you. You are an example to me. Another example: people who join the Peace Corps. I admire that people like that care enough to donate their time and energy in such a way. You are a rare gem.
  • Third, I truly am not trying to blow my own horn. I am not saying that everyone should have done everything the way I did, because I have made my own mistakes, and am certainly a far cry from perfect. I am only trying to make a case for growing up and taking on the mantle of adulthood, rather than lounging in a single's paradise.
  • Finally, I have the highest respect for charitable organizations. I'm interning at one right now. The men and women who have worked to make it a viable program are some of the best people I have ever met. But...I think that they would agree with me that raising a family is the most important work they have done. That is why our specific organization focuses on empowering parents. Because investing in children brings back the biggest return.
This is the point that I'm trying to make. Doing a stint in the Peace Corps, or volunteering with various charities is a beautiful form of selflessness, but raising--taking care of and responsibility for--a family is a full time job, that will encompass most of your life. And devoting your time to that is the most selfless act you can do, and it is the act/goal supported most by the Church. Create an Eternal family.

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