Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Here's a picture update of the haps from the last few months...

In August we went on a little family trip down to Moab with two pregnant ladies: myself and my  sister-in-law Paula.  We hiked, and we were awesome.  The pictures of us, however, were not.  But Evie had a blast and climbed all the way up to this ridiculously high spot navigated by Kristen, John, and Grandpa.  I, the mother, was nervous the entire time she took this adventure.

 In October, my cousin Stacia's little girl had her first birthday party, which we were honored to attend.

Evie had fun learning to eat a push-pop.  That brought back memories :-)

Also in October, Paula had her baby girl, April.  Evie was very excited to meet a real, live baby.

With me being preggers this fall, we didn't make it out too much, but Evie did get to play outside a little bit.  She rode her tricycle around the back patio...

...and scavenged for bugs.

Evie also found some resilient weeds and helped me removed them.

She is such a good helper.

Yes, we did have a Thanksgiving, but who takes pictures of that?  Not me, obviously.  I was good and got lots of pictures of Christmas, though :-)

I love those Crayola markers that only color on these specific pages.  As a renter, I am much more comfortable letting 3 year old Evie use these kinds of markers.  Brandon helped her figure out how they worked.

After Christmas, we were still busy preparing for the arrival of baby Charlee Brynn, who made her appearance January 5th.

I'm not gonna lie; she looks way cuter after losing the cone-head and getting cleaned up :-)

Last weekend my awesome cousin, Larissa from Visual Legacies, came up to Utah for some photo sessions, and took this of my family with us and our girls.  We are so good lookin' ;-)

And that's pretty much it for the exciting-ish things we've done.  (Other activities not pictured are Brandon at work and me attempting to handle two kids instead of one.)


The Malones said...

I'm so glad to see that you and your sweet family are doing so well! Miss you!

Jen Bruton said...

Ok, that last picture of your family is crazy! It's been so long since I've seen any of your siblings, I can't believe how much they have grown up!!